Unlocking WA’s world-leading potential to be a globally competitive decarbonised economy

An initiative of the Conservation Council of WA

Better Climate is working with communities to build a Western Australia we can all be proud of

Unlocking thousands of sustainable jobs and providing a route out of expiring industries for WA workers

Unlocking WA’s world leading potential to be a globally competitive decarbonised economy

Reinvesting billions of dollars for WA’s economic future which are currently subsidising obsolete industries

What we do

Our aim is to build and activate the climate constituency​, shift the politics​, and show what is possible for WA.

What we believe


If Western Australia embraces a decarbonised economy today, we have the opportunity to unlock hundreds of thousands of jobs. WA has the highly specialised workforce the world needs as countries work to meet their climate goals and drive down emissions. WA workers will get left behind if we continue to make bad investments in industries which have no future – like the fossil fuel industry. Green jobs are more secure, more sustainable, and more numerous, particularly in regional communities.


WA is an ideal candidate for large scale renewable energy projects and associated industries. Our state is one of the windiest and sunniest places on earth with plenty of space to build a world-leading energy grid and secure our domestic energy supply for generations. WA also has globally significant access to the raw materials needed for the global energy transition, presenting the opportunity to build a renewable energy industry superpower in our own backyard.


WA’s dependence on highly inefficient and polluting industries – like oil and gas – is costing us billions of dollars each year in subsidies. Last year, Australian taxpayers spent nearly $12 billion subsidising the fossil fuel industry – that’s nearly $22,000 per minute. Failing industries in WA – like coal mining – require government subsidies to survive. This money could – and should – be spent on innovative renewable technology to future-proof our economy. We need to show more ambition and embrace the opportunities a decarbonised economy provides