Western Australia’s conservation sector has the potential to become a powerful job creator for the economy. By investing in new and innovative models of caring for the land, we can create thousands of jobs, reduce carbon emissions, and work to restore our native environment.

Allowing for partnerships between local communities, Traditional Owners, landholders and others for co-management and regeneration programs would have significant social, health and economic outcomes.

In addition, Natural Resource Management (NRM) in WA has been historically underfunded. Boosting funding would not only create thousands of jobs but also allow for better and more effective land management and conservation programs to be developed.

We have just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible with carbon farming. Western Australia has the potential to grow a carbon farming sector that benefits farmers, pastoralists, regional communities, and landholders, including Traditional Owners and Aboriginal enterprises, providing a financial incentive to care for the land they manage.

Blue Carbon is the carbon captured and stored in vegetated coastal ecosystems. These coastal carbon sinks absorb four times more carbon than land-based forests. WA is well placed to be a leader in developing a Blue Carbon industry, one that creates jobs for regional communities and Traditional Owners.

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