Boosting our local, low-carbon tourism industry is one of the quickest and easiest things we can to do create jobs and boost the economy. Through stimulus measures, infrastructure and transport upgrades, as well as tourism product development, our tourism sector can position itself to continue to showcase the best Western Australia has to offer.

Supporting our growing First Nations tourism sector is also essential. These operators provide an incredible opportunity for people to learn first-hand about First Nations culture and history, as well as provide employment opportunities for First Nations peoples. Western Australia could have an iconic Indigenous Cultural Centre, celebrating First Nations culture and meaningfully increasing the visibility of First Nations people.

Local visitor and information centres, as well as tourism operators could be made more energy efficient, and totally powered by renewable energy. Citizen-science travel opportunities can be developed and promoted which deliver meaningful experiences for guests, whilst also having a conservation impact. Infrastructure upgrades to our National Parks and Reserves, including upgrading signage, would create jobs, but also aid in the understanding of local cultural and tourist sites.

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